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The United States of Tarantino

By Film Threat Staff | August 1, 2019

With the success of Once Upon A Time… in Hollywood, it’s no surprise that Tarantino fans can be found in every state in America. But what may surprise you is that certain states have a profound love of particular Tarantino movies over others, according to data collected from Here are some fun facts along with a helpful map below.

– After 25 years, Pulp Fiction still rules as fan-favorite. Seventeen states prove that Zed’s far from dead, baby.
Tarantino’s 1997 follow-up film, Jackie Brown, also ranks as the favorite follow-up, capturing 11 states.
– The epic and bloody back-to-back volumes of Kill Bill are the favorites of ten states.
– Three states are standalone in their favorite films (Georgia with Grindhouse, Montana with Django Unchained, and Vermont with The Hateful Eight).
– We predict Once Upon A Time in… Hollywood will be a hit with the big Pulp Fiction lovers.

Get more facts and check out the complete state by state breakdown of favorite Tarantino films on the CableTV site

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