By Admin | December 22, 2005

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This isn’t, technically, a movie. What we have here is a behind-the-scenes featurette of an upcoming movie, Howard Longfellow’s “Zombies In My Neighborhood”.

And this short description actually does not do this title justice. They invented fake film records. They invented fake film credits, all for the sake of this documentary. They filmed it all in a high school gymnasium, for crying out loud! In terms of visceral impressions, this is a laugh riot and I wish there were MORE of it.

In fact, I’d like to recommend that the brothers Longstreth go sit down, and watch like a dozen hours consecutively of “Inside the Actor’s Studio” (perhaps one of the most frequently parodied and easiest parody targets currently on cable today) and then fire up something like that with Howard Longfellow. That’d be a comic masterpiece, it would.

In fact, I’d just about bet that with a goodish dose of funding and some actual materials to work with, the Longstreths could blow holy old hell out of anything Rob Schneider might cook up. Which wouldn’t be too hard–chimps on crack could beat most of Rob’s features’ writing.

“Zombies in My Neighborhood” is, essentially, a stitch. But it is WAY too short. It’s obvious that Larry Longstreth has a few writing chops in his makeup–he needs to get some actual footage going. Larry, buddy…you’re killer, no mistake, but let’s see some MOVIE next time!

The special features include, a collection of short films collectively called “The Eyeball Papercuts” which is actually over three times longer than the disc’s main feature. That’s a puzzler. And it’s also got plenty of that Longstreth brand of humor that made me roar a couple times. There’s a “Lord of the Rings” parody, a music video where Robin leaves Batman for Superman, and more!

All in all, I see no reason that, given the proper materials and opportunities, the Longstreths could not be the next Farreley brothers.

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