By Film Threat Staff | September 9, 2003

Horror and science fiction fans kick off the Halloween season a month early with the Twisted Nightmare Weekend!
On September 19th, witness the birth of a whole new convention. Twisted Nightmare Weekend boasts an amazing number of guests and dealers setting up at the beautiful Crown Plaza Suites in Akron, Ohio. Not just any old horror con, this one was the brainchild of actress/singer Robyn Griggs, who has moved from TV’s “Another World” into the realm of horror. Robyn is bringing in such diverse guests as “PHANTASM”’s Reggie Bannister, “THE HOWLING”’s Dee Wallace Stone, “MANIAC COP”’s Robert Z’Dar, Marc Singer from “THE BEASTMASTER” and “V”, and a veritable “Buck Rogers” reunion: Gil Gerard, Erin Gray and Felix Silla!
But that’s just the icing on the cake! Also attending will be favorites from the world of independent horror, such as Debbie Rochon (AMERICAN NIGHTMARE), Troma Entertainment’s Lloyd Kaufman (TERROR FIRMER), J.R. Bookwalter (“THE DEAD NEXT DOOR”), Lilith Stabs (“DEADLY STINGERS”), Amy Lynn Best (WERE-GRRL), Matt Walsh (BLOODLETTING) and Chris Watson (“ZOMBIEGEDDON”). Plus the trio comprising Hero Headquarters, the men behind the cult smash PROJECT: VALKYRIE.
And that’s still just scratching the surface. Twisted Nightmare Weekend will be a three-day, non-stop party, with live entertainment, Q&A panels, and the world premiere of “SEVERE INJURIES” (directed by Amy Lynn Best and starring Robyn, Lilith and Debbie).
For more info, visit the Twisted Nightmare Weekend website.

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