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By Film Threat Staff | January 24, 2001

Zombiedance, the Austin fest that wants to eat your brains come [ March of 2001 ] , has a few simple (and funny) rules to keep in mind as you prepare to submit:
[ 1) FILMS MUST CONTAIN AT LEAST ONE MEMBER OF THE UNDEAD. ] ^ Preferably Zombies, but other members of the undead will be considered at the judges discretion.
[ 2) SUBMIT YOUR FILM IN ONE OF THE FOLLOWING CATEGORIES: ] ^ a. MUSIC VIDEO ^ A video with music, dumbass. And zombies. Or a mummy. You get the idea. Like “Thriller” without Michael Jackson.
b. TRAILER ^ Maybe you got a kickass feature film. Tough. We don’t have enough time to show it. But if you’ve got a trailer for the flick, send it in.
c. SHORT FILM ^ A film that’s short. And has undead. Simple. Which brings us to our next rule.
[ 3) NOTHING OVER 30 MINUTES IN LENGTH. ] ^ It’s a SHORT festival, people. We do this over one night. We don’t have enough time to showcase your 4 hour epic about techno vampires. Which brings us to the next rule:
[ 4) NO TECHNO VAMPIRE MOVIES ] ^ Not only will we not accept it, we’ll get your address and come kick your a*s. It’s called “being creative”. Look into it.
[ 6) DO NOT SEND MONEY. ] ^ Fill out a form below and send it in with your film. We will notify the finalists who will then have until Festival Date (March 9th) to send us their entry fee. That means you gotta be quick. If selected, the required entry fee is $20. That goes for projector/venue rental and prizes. We’re not getting rich off this, folks.
[ 7) SUBMISSION MUST BE ON NTSC-VHS. ] ^ Use any format to make your film, just make sure that it’s on VHS when you send it to us. If it’s accepted, it’ll be the copy that we use as well, so don’t go sending in your entry on the tape you use for recording “Friends” every week. Also, we’re gonna keep all of ’em.
Still got questions? Pay a visit to the [ official Zombiedance site. ]

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