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By Admin | June 9, 2006

My bags are packed. I showed up super early to work today so I can leave late and catch my plane. Sucky thing is, is that I won’t arrive in Vegas until around midnight. But that’s cool, because I am told that this is the city that never sleeps. Or am I confusing that with New York?

Anywho, the Cinevegas Film Festival begins today, opening with the film, Stranger with Candy, which doesn’t exactly look too fantastic but, as Jack Burton used to say, “You never can tell.”

Sadly though, my amazing artistry will be a tad limited this coming week, so I apologize to my faithful viewers (you six of you know who you are) but I have some fantastic news… I’ll be blogging everyday from Vegas, with actual real photographs of my adventures there. So stay tuned, blood!

That reminds me… Hoops isn’t going to be supplying me with coffee this week, damn. I hope he doesn’t get fired while I am gone.

There is a screening of Rocky with Stallone in attendance that I may go to. Don’t worry, if I bump into him, I’ll get him to sign my DVD copies of Judge Dredd and Oscar.

I don’t know why I am mentioning this in the same blog as Judge Dredd, but last night as I packed my bags, I watched a film I haven’t seen since its initial release theatrically. I remember before you went in to this film, the theater people gave us 3-D glasses because the last 15 minutes was to be in 3-D. The film was the 1991 classic, Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare.

It’s amazing how awfully 80s the soundtrack is, for a movie made in the 90s. I think this soundtrack would even offend the 80s – it’s that craptacular. But the best part about this movie is when Freddy shoves a GIANT Q-tip into one kid’s ear and pushes it out the other.


Stay tuned for updates as Film Threat heads to Las Vegas for Cinevegas (if we can pull ourselves away from the tables long enough that is…)!

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  1. stina says:

    i think freddy is has turned into a pickle.

  2. Demolition Man is awesome dude, awesome! Where is the 2-disc spectacular on that? I congratulate you Rory on your fine tastes… I still don’t get the three f*****g sea-shell bit though but maybe that’s the point…

    I think I smell a sweet picture coming on…

  3. Rory L. Aronsky says:

    Damn, I should have mailed you my copy of Demolition Man a while ago for him to sign. And that’s no sarcasm. I do have one.

  4. Matt S. says:

    Idea for the next blog entry by Mr. Ferraro: how to convince your boss to let you ditch work to cover film festivals. I’m ready to take notes.

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