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By Felix Vasquez Jr. | May 4, 2006

See, here is where, being a Python fan and all, I would have started this review with a “Spam, Spam, Spam I don’t like Spam” joke, but I choose not to do that. I’m taking the high road. I may be a fanboy, but I’m not a pathetic fanboy. Plus Spam is no laughing matter. The meat, not the junk mail. E-mail spam however is no laughing matter, either. It’s intrusive, time consuming, and it’s embarrassing reading about “h***y high school girls that need to be spanked” in front of my minister. He seems to enjoy it, though. Moving on, can the director possibly explain why this film had an audience laughing along to the jokes? Was this filmed in front of a live studio audience, or were the audience laughs pre-recorded and added ala “Scooby Doo”? I couldn’t really tell, and from the look of the film, the director was more concerned with letting the audience hear the laughter instead of the dialogue. I couldn’t explain the plot to you if I tried, because I could barely hear the dialogue from the actors because of the corny canned laughter roaring over every bit of dialogue here. I know the plot entails an ad company whom send out spam now staging a run for presidency by some ad exec. If there was a joke intended by this device, well, it just didn’t come off well enough, or it just wasn’t funny. All I can tell you after watching this I was literally left scratching my head and wondering if I should have been laughing. I’m going for no.

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