By Admin | November 5, 2003

“Everything that has a beginning has an end”. Regrettably for fans of “The Matrix” though, the final episode in the Wachowski’s blockbuster sci-fi saga isn’t going to come without a galling price – Namely, one very sore rear end and one colossal Aspirin won’t-cure headache.
Continuing on from the events of The Matrix Reloaded, “Revolutions” picks up the story with the now toothless Neo (Keanu Reeves) caught somewhere between the Matrix and the Machine World. Meantime, the Zion military battle the Sentinel army, intent on annihilating their civilization. When he can finally get out of the halfway house he’s trapped in, Neo plans to be the miracle that’ll stop such obliteration.
If you were left baffled by the spectacular-spectacular that was The Matrix Reloaded – the first part in a two-movie sequel to the groundbreaking 1999 flick – prepare to give your senses and understanding a workout once more. All the dazzling effects and over-the-top action sequences that audiences have been coming back for more and more of, is once again evident in the latest chapter.
Unlike the previous two chapters though, there’s a major letdown with the final “Matrix” installment. At the end of the day you’ll feel as if you’ve had the brain on high for the preceding two and a bit hours for nothing, because that message we’ve been promised – one that will apparently decipher all the mumbo jumbo of the previous two movies – never comes. In short, one’s going to feel a little cheated. Those that have been loyal, stringent fans on the series up till now will probably be looking for the Wackowski brothers heads on sticks by the time the film rolls. At the end of The Matrix Reloaded, it looked like the directing duo had grand plans for the next chapter, in turn explaining to their loyal audience what it all meant – but alas, they didn’t. Don’t. The answer never really comes.
Ok, so there’s a lot more to “The Matrix’ than plot, so besides the befuddlement, is “The Matrix Revolutions” an enjoyable last arc? That depends on what you hope the film offers. If outstanding special effects, ear-piercing audio, well choreographed fight scenes and drawn-out chunks of perplexing dialogue are your bag – then yes, you’ll enjoy the final chapter in the ambitious trilogy. If something new, novel and exciting is more your cup of Joe – you might want to start looking elsewhere. If anything, “The Matrix Revolutions” feels tired. Naturally, it’s going to have the ‘been there done that’ syndrome attached to it, but at the same time, it doesn’t even try to inject anything new. How many long drawn-out slow motion action sequences with guys flying in the air or that now annoying billet time can one take?
Ultimately, it’s going to be pretty clear by the end of “The Matrix Revolutions” that both it and “Reloaded” could’ve easily been cut to 80 minute movies each – in turn, possibly forming to create just the one sequel. There’s a lot that could easily have been cut out here – a large chunk of the middle, the battle scene between the city and the sentinels, is exasperatingly arduous, and even a pivotal death scene is stretched out to a derisory duration. Everything about the sequel feels bloated.
To the film’s merit though, The Wachowski’s do deliver on a couple of grand action sequences, especially the film’s charged final fight between Agent Smith (scene-stealer Hugo Weaving) and Neo, which is nothing short of Pepsi cool.
Unfortunately, the rest of “The Matrix Revolutions” needed a couple of berrocas. Maybe that would’ve given it back its b-b-b-bounce.
Over it.

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