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By Felix Vasquez Jr. | January 22, 2008

Osbert Parker’s short crime thriller is a brilliant and yet utterly goofy homage to the old Hollywoodland crime dramas that mixes stop motion, screen captures, and basic props to tell its story. Using the images of people like Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, “Yours Truly” is the story of adultery, money laundering and the inevitable psychotic last resort of its villainess who disposes of her male victims in a disgusting and awfully creative method. Some of the animation for Parker’s production is absolutely seamless and utterly visually dynamic. Parker meticulously mimics every aspect of the classic Hollywood films with a beautiful score, a wonderfully truncated drama that peaks with a gory climax, and of course the presence of Bogart who plays the ill-fated hero who catches on to the villainess much too late. Director Parker manages to display his knack for stop motion and tell his own small scale crime drama in the process, and in that respect, “Yours Truly” is worth a watch if not for its utterly demented atmosphere.

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