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By Eric Campos | May 17, 2003

The deed is done. The slo-jams were playing on the hi-fi and a young couple got busy in the sack. And now the aftermath…
And this is where this short film starts off – a day or two after said activities. While hanging out with his buddy Randy, Glen pops the news that he’s just recently had sex with Maryea. Nothing strange here, guys are well known to brag about their sexual victories. But instead of baying like animals, Glen and Randy start neurotically picking apart the encounter; stopping only to comment on the new china they’re sipping their tea from.
Meanwhile, we cut to Maryea, sitting at home on the couch, sucking down a beer. Her friend Kai plops down on the couch next to her and the two share a few brief words, as conversation is not an option because “Apocalypse Now Redux” is playing on the boob tube. Wouldn’t want to interrupt that, not even to talk about the one-night stand with Glen that Maryea is quick to shrug off.
And there you have it – the tables have been turned on the post-coital behavior of men and women. The result is a pretty damn funny nine minutes. A nice little treat to warm up those of us freezing our a***s off in Park City.

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