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By Eric Campos | May 18, 2005

Vegetable rights humor. Now I done seen it all.

Pamela is sick and tired. Her marriage is dull, her son (who looks quite a bit like Sid Not-So-Vicious) has just been released from the pokey for selling weed, menopause is getting her down and her doctor is trying to jam pills she doesn’t want down her throat. It’s time for some serious action, so what does she do? She grows yam. Now, while growing yam doesn’t really illustrate the whole “We’re not gonna take it” attitude, it should be noted that the yam has quite powerful medicinal attributes and in growing this vegetable, Pamela decides that she’s going to take her mental and physical health into her own hands and she’s going to do it naturally. With her self-administered yam treatment showing results without all that icky chemical buzz and side-effects, Pamela takes on patients of her own, selling her yam drug to other women facing menopause. Pamela’s little yam farm turns into a business and business is good. But not long after Pamela starts slinging yam to her clientele does she gain the attention of the authorities who stage a crackdown on her illegal drug operation. When they find out that she’s not selling illegal drugs at all, but veggies instead, a media circus erupts and Pamela, turned “Yamela,” is the ringleader, finding her efforts ultimately leading to the outlawing of yam.

Amusing and definitely very strange, “Yam” could very well lead people into flushing their meds down the toilet in order to take up more organic remedies for what ails them. And if that’s not the case, then it should at least make you chuckle at this silly world we live in. Vegetable rights and peace!

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