By Michael Dequina | July 9, 1999

Warner Bros. consistently puts out such great DVD presentations that it would take something really extraordinary (and one is on the way–their forthcoming Wizard of Oz disc) to really stand out from the rest of the catalog. The disc for this Clint Eastwood-directed and -starring death penalty drama maintains their standard for excellence. In addition to a widescreen transfer of the film; the disc also features the theatrical trailer, cast/crew biographies; a documentary on the making of the film; another on the story of Los Angeles Times reporter Ray Herndon, which bears similarities to (but was not the basis of) the film’s; and a music video by sullen jazz singer Diana Krall. All of it is wrapped up in the slick animated menus that one would expect from the WB–and that there is what makes this undeniably well-made disc somewhat of a yawner: it’s exactly what one would expect from the company.

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