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By Admin | September 22, 2003

This isn’t your father’s basketball. No, this is the “XBA,” or Xtreme Basketball Association.
In this extreme sport you get to beat up other players, smoke cigarettes and curse like a sailor all while trying to put it in the hole. One of the more unique rules in the XBA is that your opponent gets to pick the name that goes on your jersey. This leads to players with names like A*****e, Jacks Off Ten Times A Day and Sucks C**k A Lot.
This is a hilarious short that makes fun of extreme sports in the best way. The XBA comes complete with slutty cat fighting cheerleaders and a politically incorrect spokesman who invites “Retarded Queers” and “Drunken Indians” to join the league.
So the next time the Butt Pirates are playing the Wetbacks, be sure to tune in to the “XBA.”

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