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By Doug Brunell | May 23, 2006

This is an odd look at the world of pro-am wrestling, where everything is just as fake as it is in the big leagues. I say “odd” because Mike Messier shot this while pretending to be a little boy interviewing his wrestling dad (John Kronus) and mom (Cass Strayter). Messier, whose character is Little Jack, does his off-camera interviews in this creepy falsetto that gives the film a really strange vibe.
Wrestling fans may want to seek this out as legend Walter “Killer” Kowalski makes a ring appearance. In keeping with the bizarre tone of this documentary, Killer mumbles some words of wisdom, telling the audience (of about twelve) to use “magic words” in their lives to diffuse situations. You can use them in your marriage or in the ring. Those magic words? “I love you.” I’m not kidding. As an aside, wrestling may be fake, but it can cause brain damage.
This film doesn’t have much going for it. The wrestling is bad, really bad. The little boy schtick wears thin the moment it comes up, and the wrestlers aren’t very interesting. As a carnival freak of a film, though, it is worth checking out. Just don’t pay for admission.

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