By admin | March 22, 2006

Former Occultist Will Spanner is enlisted to aid the police in an investigation of ritual murders. As things unfold the trio discover a Satanic coven practicing in the hills of Hollywood. Savanti is the head of the devilish ring and longs to join his lord and master, Satan. The key to his and Satan’s rendevous involves a virgin sacrifice.

Savanti has dispatched of his two most trustworthy, Cat and Jonathan, in an attempt to locate an untapped earmark. Meathead Jonathon, a dead ringer for Ted Bundy, is unable to keep from spoiling the goods and so Savanti becomes increasingly more impatient and angry. Around trying to please their leader, Cat and Jonathan f**k a lot. Around a largely mishandled investigation, the police eat donuts a lot.

Spanner and his confectionary connoisseurs follow false lead after false lead before finally figuring out the dastardly plan of the devil worshipers. There’s loads of simulated sex and naked girls. In fact this is one of the most well endowed films since Russ Meyer’s “Supervixen”, but overall the movie just isn’t that good. The look and feel of the film is very soft, much like a soap opera, and the acting is on par with a soap as well. It’s not horrible, but far from great. Troma, being the fine practitioners of tact and good taste, opted to include a nudity only chapter index.

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