The IndieKINO Film Festival, which ran from [ August 28th ] to [ September 27th, 2000, ] has recently wrapped up the show and announced the winner’s circle online. The awarded films and filmmakers, as announced for each IndieKINO category, are:
Daedalos (Best Picture): “The Wedding Cow,” directed by Tomi Streiff ^ Eos (Best Photography): “I Want To Die,” directed by Toni Meca ^ Argos (Creativity Award: “The Cold Sun,” directed by Simon Tarr ^ Athena (Best Director): “Kalin’s Prayer,” directed by DeSales ^ Award: “Starving Artists,” directed by Allan Piper ^ Netizen Award: “An Egg,” directed by Maria Papacharalambos & Achilleas Kentonis
The Best Picture winner, Tomi Streiff of “The Wedding Cow,” received $5,000, and all other honorees took home a solid $2,000. For more on the IndieKINO group and upcoming events, see the [ the official IndieKINO website. ]

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