By Film Threat Staff | April 4, 2003

Thomas Roth and Molly Castelloe have just finished their feature film “Wishing Woman,” shot on DV.
Diana, a young woman in Manhattan, quits a series of meaningless day jobs in order to explore unknown facets of her identity. Despite pressure from her father to adopt a more conventional lifestyle, she calls herself a “wishfulfiller” and sets up a website for uncommon fixations and bizarre scenarios. She soon obtains a circle of customers and discovers that this type of work gives her fresh insight into her feelings. While diving deeper into the content of these scenarios, the lines between game and reality begin to blur and she finds herself on an existential journey. Anthony, a struggling stockbroker, becomes her favorite client and a complex intimacy develops between them. Diana confides to him her own wish: to be an underwater creature weightless and buoyant on the surface of the sea, liberated from all forces of gravity. As she slowly begins to construct her own “final scenario” around fantasies of restraint and transcendence, they both enter a labyrinth of chaotic emotions and ritualistic acts.
Got all that? Great! We’d also like to note that writer and lead actress of “Wishing Woman,” Molly Castelloe, also appeared as Melinda Frayne in the exceptional thriller “Clean, Shaven.”
Look for “Wishing Woman” to hit a film festival near you.
For more information on the film, visit the “Wishing Woman” website.

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