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By Film Threat Staff | December 10, 2005

Hot item from the desk of are you freeking kidding me…Winnie the Pooh is getting a major facelift for his 80th birthday. Aside from lipo for his fat “can’t-fit-through-a-tree-trunk” a*s and some much needed botox, the Disney channel is also doing an “Extreme Makeover” on his friends. Piglet, Rabbit and Eeyore will get some brighter colors and 3-D computer animation. If I were them, I’d have got a lifetime membership to P.F.L.A.G., an enema and some Prozac, respectively.

Most upsetting is the “banishment” of Christopher Robin from the Hundred Acre Wood. Never mind the fact that all the original stories were written for Christopher Robin…this is about money people! The only question remaining is….who will start the online petititioning first?

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