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By Film Threat Staff | April 12, 2001

The WinFemme Film Festival, is now running its third annaul film/video/screenplay competiton festival. Women’s Image Network, (WIN), is supported by an illustrious entertainment community and has had dozens of successful events, including the annual WINFEMME FILM FESTIVAL. A niche festival, WIN seeks films (shorts, docs, features) AND scripts that feature female protagonists! Increasing the number of women’s stories is our goal and the filmmaker’s/ writer’s gender is immaterial. From WinFemme 1999 & 2000 sold five films to Sundance & Showtime and several films have won both Oscar nods and Spirit Nods!! We run the festival in Los Angeles in September, 2001 and may take the BEST OF THE FEST on the road again to six other major US cities!
WIN FEMME ran in August, 2000 and was held at the Laemmle Music Hall in Beverly Hills. WIN screened 40 new films, honored Lauren Bacall and Jane Campion with the WIN Award, held numerous seminars!In December, 2000, WIN ran 20 BEST OF THE FEST films in NYC at the Tribeca Screening Center. On the heels of the very successful Second Annual WIN FEMME FILM FESTIVAL, now WIN is thrilled to announce that five WINFEMME films sold to Showtime, two films received Academy Award Nominations and one received an IFP Spirit Award!
Women’s Image Network announces its 3rd Annual WINFEMME film, video, screenplay festival to be held September, 2001 at various theatres & screening rooms in Los Angeles. Additionally, WINFEMME may take the BEST OF THE FEST (as it did in 2000) on the road to other major US cities.
WIN will consider films: (short, feature, documentary) that feature female protagonists. The writer and/or filmmaker’s gender is immaterial.
Additionally, WIN may select and stage scenes from the winning screenplay and may conduct a partial staged reading of the screenplay.
WIN FEMME may also host various seminars including a screenplay pitch session taught and attended by a panel of entertainment executives. Early deadline is postmarked April 30, 2001.
Visit the official WIN FEMME FILM FESTIVAL website.

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  1. Mark Bell says:

    Martin, we have nothing to do with the festival. This is an article, that was written 13 years ago, about the festival. If you submitted your screenplay to the fest… that’s got nothing to do with us. You should really contact the festival.

  2. Martin Holloway says:

    Mark Bell
    Someone in your organization put my $50 bucks in their pocket. So in my mind you folks don’t run a good show.
    Martin Holloway

  3. Mark Bell says:


    You do realize that you’re commenting on a story that was posted in 2001, right? Also, we have no association with the festival beyond what we’ve written about them so… you should really take it up with the festival direct.

  4. Martin Holloway says:

    Some time ago, I sent $50 with a script with a women as the lead character. I never heard from you folks…I sent a letter and someone ask that I send my address and they would return the $50. However, that didn’t happen. Now that same script as won first place in a screenwriting contests. If you interested, I’ll send it to you again, however, without the $50


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