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Shepherd’s Song

By Alan Ng | October 10, 2022

I fully believe that the climate change issue will not be solved by big governments but by innovative individuals if given a chance. Such is the story told in Abby Fuller’s Shepherd’s Song.

The documentary puts the spotlight on Jenya Schneider and is set at the end of one of the most devasting California wildfires. Noting the rapid disappearance of the California grasslands, Schneider found an ingenious way of potentially healing the land. Living the nomad life, she takes her herd of sheep and grazes the land devastated by fire and land that needs to be cleared to lessen the impact of future fires.

“…she takes her herd of sheep and grazes the land devastated by fire…”

It’s the circle of life in action. The sheep help clear the dry grass, which would otherwise be fuel for a fire, and the sheep, in turn, provide much-needed nutrients for future growth. When she’s done, she packs up her sheep onto her tractor-trailer and moves to the next location.

Shepherd’s Song is not only about the work of Schneider’s organization Cuyama Lamb, but it’s a profile of a woman who gave up her earthly possessions to travel up and down the state doing her part to combat climate change. She speaks poetically about her values and the events of her life that brought her here. Schneider also discusses the challenges and rewards of running her business with her partner, Jack. Writer-director Fuller accompanies Schneider’s tale with images of the California landscape and some adorable shots of the sheep working the land.

Shepherd’s Song tells the inspirational story of Cuyama Lamb co-founder Jenya Schneider. It also succeeds in inspiring its intended audience to do their small part to bring healing to the once-fertile land.

Shepherd’s Song is presented by The North Face YouTube Channel and will be available as of October 13th.


Directed and Written: Abby Fuller

Starring: Jenya Schneider, etc.

Movie score: 8/10


"…succeeds in inspiring its intended audience..."

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