By Georgia Menides | October 28, 2008

When Malika’s pit bull crashes into Trump, knocking him off his bike and ruining his trendy new tires, it’s hate at first sight for these soon to be lovers.

But doesn’t it always start that way? There is a specific structure for all romantic comedies, and anyone who’s watching already one knows what they’re in for. Circumstances, usually bizarre and zany ones, throw a boy and girl together. At first, they clash. They think there is no way in hell they would ever fall for each other. But midway through the film, they always do, despite all their protest and denial. Then about ¾ ways into the movie, some misunderstanding causes the couple to break up, but they are still very much in love. In the end, the couple almost always reunites, usually through the scheming of their zany family and friends.

If you are the kind of person who has a problem with formulaic plots, then Barry Bowles, “Wifey” is not for you. Then again, if you are that type of person, you probably shun most romantic comedies anyway, and won’t even be reading this review.

I can get sucked into a romantic comedy. I don’t watch them for the plotlines. For me a romantic comedy is a success if two things happen. I have to love the boy and girl. I have to feel some sort of emotional pull of “Finally!” when they first kiss, and when they inevitably end up together in the end. I also have to be cracking up at the jokes, weird situations, or quirky sub characters that always surround the couple in these types of movies. From this definition, “Wifey” is a success.

You have to feel for Malika (Jasmin Lewis), the cute and confident aspiring fashion designer who is forced to move back home after she loses her job and gets evicted. She is a self starter and a sweetheart, but she isn’t afraid to pour scolding massage oil all over a client if he pisses her off. And it’s impossible not to be charmed by Trump (Brian Hooks), the sexy and good natured self made millionaire who loses his fortune and his bride- to- be all in one day. This catastrophe has forced Trump to move in with his grandfather, who happens to be neighbors with Malika’s mom.

As for the humor, the sub characters that fill the couple’s hometown neighborhood kept me laughing the whole time. The star of the comedy is without a doubt, Trump’s grandfather, a man who is very set in his ways…and his ways are far from what anyone would call “normal.” He wakes Trump up every morning at 5 am sharp by throwing a bucket of water on him to make sure he doesn’t “sleep in.” He demands that Trump separate the two pieces of toilet paper apart and only wipe his a*s with one to save on expenses. He obsesses about the neighborhood softball game, putting Trump on a strict “training” program. Malika’s mom is a trip of her own. An older larger woman, she shamelessly hits on every man she sees, including Trump. She spends hours getting ready for her hot date with a blind man, she worries that her daughter isn’t getting enough dick, and she constantly terrorizes Trump’s grandfather. The entire neighborhood operates in their own ridiculous universe; passionate about their fish fries, softball games, and charity bachelor auctions, keeping the laughter up the entire way through.

For anyone in search of a little break to stop thinking and just relax, smile, and feel good for a while, “Wifey” comes highly recommended.

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