By Admin | June 25, 2000

Billy Ray (Johnny Yong Bosch) and Guile (Jason Narvy) are two crooks who always find it easier to illegally make money then stick to the regular nine to five. Having just fouled up a diamond heist, the two are thirsty for more. While breaking into someone’s house, they bump into a large-scale money-laundering scam. Billy and Guile quickly take advantage of the situation and nab three million for themselves. Along with the money, the guys take a seemingly worthless book from a safe (Movie Cliché #1: whenever a small book is inside a safe, it’s never worthless). Kim (Motoko Magino) is an undercover FBI agent who has been tracking down the money launderers along with her recently murdered partner. She decides to follow Billy and Guile in hopes of finding out what information they might have encountered. As the action trio start to work together, they begin unravel the mystery. One that reaches the highest levels of the FBI! As usual in these kinds of stories, all three have to meet their arch nemesis before the movie is allowed to end.
“Wicked Game” is a fast-paced action adventure that conjures up every affordable stunt it can possibly dream up. There are numerous stunts that reach the level of any big budget counterpart and the movie rarely slows down long enough to remind you of how time consuming all the fight scenes must have been. It’s just too bad that a decent story line wasn’t also treated the same way the stunts were. The movie relys heavily on old movie clichés to develop plot and characters. (Movie Cliché #2 and 3) One scene has the guys hitting a few buttons on a laptop computer, and what do you know, all kinds of screens pop up giving them all sorts of information. Another scene has Billy Ray, apparently a safe expert, opening a safe with a stethoscope. Watching the movie made me think of some movie stunt person convention where everyone in attendance decided to make a movie. I see this as double-edged sword. On the one hand, the stunts and fight sequences are fun to watch. On the other hand, who wants to see stunt man acting for the entire length of the movie?

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