Who wants to get hit in the stomach repeatedly with a sledgehammer? Who wants to jam their hand into a running electric fan?
The flimsy premise here is that a bunch of lesbians are on a game show where they have a chance to win a billion dollars and to get it on with the show’s co-host, Bambi (Vivica Taylor). The host, Remis Phildin (Julian Wells), looks as though she got high prior to filming–but can you blame her? She cracks insipid jokes like they were going out of style, and the only fun here is when the chicks finally get to fool around with each other. But in-between those moments is just a lot of excruciatingly clownish bullshit and amateurish mugging for the camera. But hold onto your hats kids, because it says on the box that it’s a “Collectors Edition DVD.” Pretty goddamn exciting, eh?
The softcore lesbianism is fine–even though the chicks aren’t really that great looking–but the other nonsense is just a waste of time. My advice to Seduction Cinema on this one would be to forget about trying to be funny or clever–just crank out the low-grade filth and be done with it.

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