By Film Threat Staff | December 2, 2000

Little is known about “Silver Man” the performer — he’s a talented street musician who captivates his audiences on beach fronts, boardwalks, and Parisian streets. And his skin is truly metallic in texture and sheen, which makes him close to otherworldly in appearance. But “Silver Man” falls prey to the most human of emotions by swooning for the gorgeous Tivoli…and not without complications.
The mysterious story of “Silver Man” recently took home top honors at the Planet Indie film competition in Toronto, including awards for Best Film, Best Director (Peter Foldy), Best Supporting Actor (the always-amazing Eugene Levy) and a special Jury Prize as well. The indie film will now make the rounds in several national film festivals before a theatrical release in 2001.
For more on “Silver Man,” including photos, cast and crew profiles, and the full story, see the [ official “Silver Man” site. ]

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