By Admin | February 17, 2014

Chris von Hoffmann gives new meaning to the old adage “The devil’s in the details” in his newest short flick, White Trash. In fact, I’m willing to bet that if you view this little wonder ten times, with the utmost critical care, you’ll still miss several vital clues.

The plot’s nothing new. A beer-guzzling slob (Daniel Ballard) abuses his beautiful wife (Gillian Moura) and she’s had enough. But just as she’s about to pull the trigger and blow him away, two thugs looking for a hefty sum of stolen cash beat her to it. Or do they?

As always, I’m extremely critical of short narrative movies, and can usually find some tiny flaw that weakens the story—but not this time. Everything about White Trash is brilliant: writing, cinematic style, actors’ execution, varying minimalistic dialogue and the fact that eleven minutes flies by faster than the blink of an eye.

I’m very impressed with von Hoffmann’s work and am excited to see what he’d do with a feature length movie of this ilk. Hopefully, the filmmaker is working on just such a project now.

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