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Which Actors Enjoy Playing Slots

By Film Threat Staff | August 4, 2021

People from all walks of life love playing slots machines. These games of chance have always been popular with celebrities as well as with regular folks, but which world-famous actors most enjoy spinning the reels? And don’t forget, there are places you can play pokies for real money.

Pamela Anderson

The Baywatch star has a reputation for being a slots and poker fan, and she was married to poker player Rick Salomon – albeit for only a brief period. Her movies to date include Barb Wire and Scary Movie 3, although she is still best remembered for her role as C.J. Parker in the series about lifeguards on the beach in California.  

The Baywatch series inspired a slot game called Baywatch 3D that was produced by IGT and that features Anderson as one of the top symbols, alongside the other main actors and actresses. It is interesting to wonder whether she ever played this slot or the Playtech game that was also based on the series. 

Lemmy from Motörhead

He is best-known as the bass player and singer of the hard rock group Motörhead, but Lemmy also had a fair share of acting credits to his name. He made interesting cameo appearances in movies like Hardware and Eat the Rich, as well as the 2010 rockumentary titled Lemmy.

Away from his music and his film career, Lemmy was said to love playing slots so much that he took one on tour with the band. He even said that the classic Ace of Spades song was based on the excitement of playing slots. It’s no wonder NetEnt designed to honor Lemmy by bringing out a Motörhead slot. 

Bruce Willis

The Die Hard actor is said to be a big fan of casino games, with some rumors suggesting that he has won a lot of money on baccarat games. He has been spotted playing in Atlantic City casinos and reports suggest that he enjoys playing slots in his free time. 

With so many people now switching to online slots, it is getting more difficult to know who plays what these days. You can follow this link to find the latest information on the popular Wheel of Fortune slot that appeals to people from all walks of life.

Brad Pitt

It makes sense that the filming of Oceans 11 should cause some of the actors in it to enjoy gambling, as they spent huge chunks of the day in casinos or playing card games. Apparently, Pitt didn’t really gamble before this movie but got a taste for it during filming.

He started playing poker and slots when the cameras weren’t rolling. At the end of Ocean’s 13, we see Pitt’s character, Rusty, advise the food reviewer from earlier in the movie to try a slots machine in the airport. The reviewer wins a fortune on it as Rusty walks away smiling. 

George Clooney

The actor, who plays Danny Ocean in the Ocean’s franchise, is another huge fan of casino games. In fact, he revealed plans to build his own casino in Las Vegas a few years ago, with the idea that it would be a smart, formal place reminiscent of classic casinos from the past.

He is known to have competed in many celebrity poker games, and it is easy to imagine Clooney trying a few of his favorite slots games too. 

David Gest 

He might not have been in the same category of mega-stardom as the others on this list, but David Gest made a name for himself as a TV producer as well as appearing on reality shows and entertainment shows.

Gest was said to be a huge fan of slots and other types of casino game, regularly wagering large sums of money in casinos around the UK. There are sure to be lots of others stars who enjoy these games online these days.

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