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By Amy R. Handler | January 21, 2014

The universe burns with excitement. The year is 3082 and the future is now.

Life is filled with promise in Jess Iglehart’s animated short, White Hot Grid, and all fantasies are sure to become a reality. That’s the goal of Iglehart’s futuristic commuter, struggling to get to work in record time. Unfortunately, there are technical errors in the traveler’s air-auto—lots of them…

Clocking in at less than 2-minutes, White Hot Grid is a flash of brilliance that relays everything we need to know about technology, its flaws, and how (possibly) silly we are to rely on its capabilities.

Iglehart’s prowess in animation is flawless. Tempo is a precise wonderment, as is density of color and synchronization of sound. In addition, the filmmaker’s writing is simple, tight, to the point and replete with political statements, depending upon interpretation and the magnitude of your imagination.

Unfortunately, everything I love about this tiny powerhouse of a film also makes me long for just a few more moments of movie-time. It would be so wonderful if Iglehart could fill out his singular everyman/character and give us just a little bit more to strive for and dream about in this future now.

Nevertheless, I’m willing to put aside my gripe for what is yet to be. I can’t wait to see what the very gifted Jess Iglehart produces next.

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