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By Eric Campos | June 1, 2004

Billy Golfus tells his own true life story about how, after waking up from a coma due to an auto accident, he has had to live with brain damage and therefore has found out the hard way how the disabled are the most invisible minority in America. It’s a story that’s geared to piss you off as you watch Billy struggle with the brutal transition of being a well-known, award winning radio journalist, loved by many, to being abandoned by nearly everyone he knew and having to fight to survive in a world that seems to want to sweep the disabled under the carpet instead of grant them opportunities “normal” people enjoy. And that’s one of the major points in Billy’s film, it’s that he, and the rest of the 43 million people out there in this country with disabilities are sick of being discriminated against; they too want to be perceived as “normal.”

“When Billy Broke His Head…” is not Hollywood fluff. It’s not Dustin Hoffman winning Tom Cruise a shitload of money in Vegas. It’s not Sean Penn trying to win an Oscar. It’s a bare bones look at the disabled in America, with a subjective view of course. Billy is pissed off and it shows through every second of his documentary. His attitude helps keep this film from becoming a sad cry for help. Those documentaries are out there en masse. Billy’s doc is a strong, sharp demand for action. Billy demands your attention for this full hour and he gets it.

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