By Admin | February 22, 2007

This upcoming Sunday marks the 2007 Academy Awards telecast, but lets look back to a simpler time with this classic 1944 Bugs Bunny cartoon, wherein good ol’ Bugs thinks he’s got the Oscar in the bag. We expect Scorsese to have a similar meltdown, complete with shape-shifting, should he not win.

For additional trivia and historical significance, this Bugs Bunny cartoon was pulled from the 2001 Cartoon Network Bugs Bunny marathon, and inadvertantly associated with the “Censored 11” group of Bugs Bunny cartoons that were pulled from distribution in 1968 (though it was not, technically, a member of said group). In this case, the cartoon was censored due to its offensive depiction of Native Americans in the “Little Hiawatha” clip shown within.

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