Eddie (Anthony Marks) did something eight years ago that people still remember today. When he returns to town and announces that he’s picked up where he left off and that he’s about to be a father … well, that doesn’t go over so good for reasons I won’t reveal in this review. Let’s just say that sometimes it’s better to keep your mouth shut.

This short film packs a bit of a punch. It could’ve ended better, and there is quite a bit that should have been delved into, too. What we see, however, is more than enough to satisfy. It won’t be called a feel-good-hit, but nobody could say it’s predictable, either.

The crux of the story hangs upon a plot twist that cannot be disclosed, which makes it near impossible to get into the meat of the film and discuss things such as moral issues and love. Without doing those things, any review is almost incomplete. What I can say, though, is if you are looking for something to challenge what you expect in a drama and don’t mind not having a pat solution, then you need to see this. If, on the other hand, you can’t handle anything that could be slightly controversial, you need to stay away.

You already know what camp you are in.

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