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By Rory L. Aronsky | January 27, 2004

Theodore Ushev lists “Well Tempered Heads” as “A Film-Poster” at the beginning of this animated piece. I can see it that way because you could take any number of shots from this and blow it up to poster size to tack on your wall. While spinning heads could get tiring if they are shown for too long, Ushev also takes the time to observe the effects of war, as well as two lovers (the woman in red, the man in black) and their passionate kiss.  

Coupled with the music of J.S. Bach, which brings slight emotion to the piece, particularly in the brief dance of the lovers before the embrace, “Well-Tempered Heads” serves its purpose well. After all, if heads must spin, then let them spin in a visual artform.  

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