Who doesn’t love a good B-horror flick? You know the kind I mean: loaded with blood, nasty scares and scantilly-clad chicks who dig taking it all off for the camera. One young actress who definitely loves her work is Zenova Braeden. The 25 year-old blonde bombshell has appeared in a string of movies like “Deadly Culture,” “Nightwalkers,” “Evil Tales 3,” and “Witchcraft XII: Lair of the Serpent,” where she gets to put her shapely bod to good use amidst all the screaming and carnage. 

But there’s more to it than just getting nekkid, partner. Braeden says she digs getting into her characters and getting the chance to act real nutty, or as in the case of her role in the film “Nightwalkers,” portraying a character who changes right along with the arc of the story. Well, that sounds like real acting—and one get’s the impression that Braeden takes this stuff seriously and isn’t just in it for laughs. 

She does admit that there can be moments when working in the arena of low-budget moviemaking can be tough to take seriously, though. Such as the movie where she was locked in a life and death free-for-all with a quivvering dog who was not much bigger than your average rodent. But aside from such minor indignities, Braeden is apparently having a fine time in the wacky damn world of low budget cinema—and what more could a gal ask for?

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