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By Admin | December 7, 2005

Slamdance Co-Founder Dan Mirvish HAS announced that he welcomed news of The Weinstein Company’s pending deal with Genius Products and Wellspring Media, the current distributors for Mirvish’s real estate musical, OPEN HOUSE (starring Anthony Rapp, from RENT). “This is great news for all of us,” said Mirvish. “I’ve looked forward to working more with Harvey and Bob for years, and I suspect that feeling was mutual. I’m sure when they heard about the success of OPEN HOUSE, they figured they needed to be in business with us and our distributor.”
Wellspring and Genius released the DVD of OPEN HOUSE on November 15, and due to popular demand, once again as a “One Week Anniversary” edition on November 22. In a massive promotional blitz, there have been over half a million “Open House” signs planted on streetcorners and front yards throughout North America. “As the ultimate grassroots promotion, this campaign has clearly been driving sales,” said Mirvish. “Amazon sold out of all copies last week, and many Best Buys have also sold out. It’ll be great working with the Weinsteins on another rerelease of the film in early spring. It’s also clear that all the fans of RENT have been clamoring to see Anthony Rapp in more real estate musicals like ours.”

“We worked very closely with the Weinstein’s old version of Miramax last year when we did our Oscar campaign to reignite the Best Original Musical,” added Mirvish, who spearheaded the controversial campaign that literally rewrote the rules of the Academy Awards. “So I’m eager to work with them again.” Details of that campaign are chronicled on one of the DVD’s extra features.

For more info, visit the Open House website.

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