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WEAR”ING” THIN (part 1)

By Admin | September 26, 2001

There have been many regrettable trends in Hollywood over the last decade. Most have been chronicled and analyzed to a merciless extent. Except one. The Following is a list of a hundred or so recent film titles Using a familiar formula. There are variations, but most employ a present infinitive verb followed by a subject noun, often a name. Early examples of such titles would include ’80s comedies “Eating Raoul”, “Educating Rita” and “Making Mr. Right”.
Fads in movie Titling come and go, from the crass verbage of ’40s noir (“Lured”, “Pursued”) to the portentous grandeur of ’50s melodrama (“All That Heaven Allows”, “An Affair to Remember”) to the blunt sensationalism of ’80s action (“Lethal Weapon”, “Die Hard”). So why is this new trend different – and so completely yucky? Let’s go there now.
Bear in mind that this is a Sampling of movie titles just from the last decade. A few of these films haven’t been released yet; other titles are as recent as this week’s trade paper announcements. Some you may even recall Seeing…
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