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By Rory L. Aronsky | April 4, 2005

There’s a refined beauty in the Star Wars universe that was always present no matter where the story took us, whether the story became complete ignominious trash, or got to those really exciting parts that turned us all into Star Wars fans. It was in the planets that spaceships of all kind passed. It was on those planets. It was those planets. Tetsuro Saiki captures that same beauty and grace within “Walk in a Bamboo Bush” where he’s taken Japanese prints and ancient feudal family crests to put Episode IV into a completely new perspective.

It’s the method, the music, and the motion which make “Walk in a Bamboo Bush” something completely welcome. There’s patience in here just as much as there is action. There’s contemplation just as much as quick thought. There’s that beauty again and it’s marvelous. Saiki is not only making art into something new, but also putting his own stamp on the proceedings enough to make us consider what we see. It works.

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