By Merle Bertrand | February 3, 2000

And you thought meeting the parents was tough? Try dealing with an overprotective daughter who knows voodoo. That’s the gist of “Voodoo,” Gregg Bishop’s gleefully sadistic student short. When a smiling young suitor, who looks a lot like a young Hugh Grant, arrives to pick up his attractive date, he crosses paths with a sinister little girl who’ll stop at nothing to get rid of this prospective rival for her mother’s affections. She takes a Polaroid of the interloper, cuts out his head and plasters it on a one foot tall voodoo doll; thus bringing the suitor under her command. And she shows no mercy, forcing him to throw water on her mom and generally make an a*s of himself…until he grabs the doll himself and exacts some well-deserved revenge. “Voodoo” is a hoot and Bishop executes this comic romp’s simple premise with excellent comedic timing and an unswerving devotion to the cheap laugh.

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