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By Film Threat Staff | May 7, 2003

VISIONFEST 03, a.k.a. the Third Guerrilla Film & Video Festival has officially announced its filmmaker line-up for the upcoming “FiveXFive New York State of Mind DV Project.” The five selected directors are: Larry Brand (“Paranoia”, “Masque of the Red Death”), Will Keenan (Operation Midnight Climax), Roger Majkowski (Passing Stones), Scott Saunders (The Technical Writer), and Lorna Thomas (“Virtual Equality”). Of the three, Keenan, Majkowski, and Thomas are all “Guerrilla” festival alumni. The five filmmakers have been selected to shoot, edit, and finish a five-minute DV short, within a five-day period, and shot entirely in one of the five New York City boroughs. Each filmmaker is being given a DV camera package with respective sound, grip, and lighting gear, a post-production facility, and a five-day time constraint to come up with a short, narrative project that features prominent locations and landmarks of its targeted borough. The five completed shorts will then be presented in a single marathon screening, preceding the VISIONFEST 03 Awards Ceremony, which will take place on the fifth and final day of the festival. Production and post- production logistics are the only determining factors as to which filmmaker gets to shoot first.
“The criteria for choosing our filmmakers involved several deciding factors,” stated FiveXFive Event Director, Jennifer Norton. “We had to take into consideration the filmmakers’ schedules for the production for the projects, as well as their availability to participate in the actual screening and panel discussions regarding their shorts. But considering all the challenges we faced in coming up with five eligible candidates, we could not be more delighted with the directors we selected.”
VISIONFEST 03 runs from June 25-29 in New York.
For more information, visit the Domani Vision Film Society website.

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