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By Doug Brunell | May 22, 2010

The most glaring problem with “Vincent & Lucian” is its predictability. Viewers are all of about three seconds into this short film when they have a good idea of how it is going to end because all of the stories like this end about the same way. It is, however, still kind of compelling to watch.

Vincent (Anthony Aniano) is an artist who wants his art to be recognized. Lucian (Jeffrey Vincent Parise) is the mysterious man who can give him his heart’s desire. Let me guess: You already figured out the ending to this period piece.

The film’s very apparent conclusion does little to alter how well-acted it is and doesn’t detract from the highly competent use of sound, music and cinematography. Visually, this keeps your attention, and that is the film’s saving grace. That said, for a film that is all about artistic creativity there is little of that shown in the actual storyline.

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