If it seems we’re hitting hard and fast with the Cloverfield information it’s because we have eleven days until “Cloverfield” hits, and the scoops are coming in fast.

In the eighth video of Jamie Loves Teddy, Jamie has a taste of the mysterious chemical sent by Teddy…


Also, has been updated.

Since the news comes faster and faster, we’ll only be updating with truly important scoops, so stay on the look out at Film Threat. I’ll be viewing it when it premieres, and update with my own thoughts on the account of “Cloverfield,” as well as finally closing the case.

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  1. […] The only acceptable outcome from this, the culmination of Jamie’s increasingly twitish behavior, is for her to die. But we know that won’t happen because she’s in one of the pictures on the 1-18-08 site, which now also has a pic from the TV footage of the drilling platform incident. [via FilmThreat] […]

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