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By Film Threat Staff | February 14, 2001

This [ Wednesday, February 14th ] beginning at [ 7:30 PM ] , it doesn’t matter if you’re in love, in “like,” or as single as can be: the American Cinematheque and Egyptian Theatre are hosting “The Love Train: Valentine’s Day Shorts” for everyone. The special evening is set aside for “films expressing several definitions of ‘love.’ Bring someone you already love (or at least like) or find someone here to love, or at least lust after!”
Featured films include Danny Greenfield’s “Allerd Fishbein’s in Love” — a hilarious ’80s flashback to a resort in the Catskills, starring John Daley from “Freaks and Geeks,” and Oliver Dieckmann’s “Ordinary Love,” a German film about one man’s way out of the doldrums of a dead-end marriage.
For the full Valentine’s Day line-up, and all ticketing information, visit the Egyptian Theatre site.

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