By Chris Gore | September 5, 2000

The story of three best friends and roommates in college, “Underdogs” is yet another indie film that focuses on a lead character that aspires to be a filmmaker. Ugh. Johnny is our lead who is working on a script that he won’t show to anyone. Why? “Because it sucks,” he says. Whoa the pain and misery! He’s seeing a shrink and cannot seem to make the connection with the right girl. As soon as a woman takes an interest in him, he loses interest. Then Johnny starts dating a stripper. When he’s accepted into film school, she encourages him to pursue his dream and Johnny freaks out because she, “…doesn’t understand.” Yeah, right. So, after leaving the stripper Johnny starts sleeping with an 18 year-old girl who ends up blowing his best friend. The film wants to be the TV show “Friends” but with f*****g but the writing falls short.
The real problem with “Underdogs” is that the characters TELL great stories that are much better than the stories we see unfold on screen. One tale about a woman who gets caught cheating on her boyfriend ends hilariously. Hey, I want to see that story – and not watch a bunch of people TELL stories.

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