Fangoria.com has received word that French shocker “Haute Tension” has received an NC-17 rating. If you’ve been following the hype surrounding this movie then that shoul come as no surprise. However, the good news is that it looks like distributor Lions Gate plans on keeping that rating when it releases the film in the fall.
Film Threat contributor Andreas Neuenkirchen had this to say about the film –
“”Haute Tension” is an aptly titled tense shocker that makes great use of sounds and music without simply going for noise. The story revolves around the brutal and explicitly depicted slaying of a family by a mad killer in rural France and the kidnapping of the grown-up daughter. Aja’s film successfully mixes nail-biting suspense with truly gruesome imagery, and the slick direction, clever framing and editing don’t hurt either. Love or hate the ending, love or hate the entire nasty film – either way you will certainly never forget “Haute Tension.”

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