By Admin | May 23, 2003

Cheerfully stupid bashing of the pretentious flick Unbreakable tells the same basic story (man discovers he is a superhero through the intervention of his polar opposite) with one slight difference: instead of being a man of steel, he has a capacity for limitless ingestion of alcohol and grass.
Garbage collector David Done (Winzenreid, taking the Bruce Willis blank stare to new levels) is sitting in the emergency room of a local hospital. The doctor informs him that he is the sole survivor of a party, and even though his blood alcohol level is .40, he’s not even buzzed. He leaves the hospital and finds a greeting card on his car, asking him when was the last time he was drunk.
The card leads him to Elijah (Jones), a drug dealer who has no stomach for substance abuse and gets insanely high from a Flinestones chewable vitamin. He and David experiment with a bong, loading the pipe with over a pound and a half of “good s**t”. The marijuana has no effect on David, proving Elijah’s theory that he is “unbakeable”. He sends David out into the world to find his purpose.
“Unbakeable” is a clever idea, well executed by Salamoff and his lookalike cast (Jones in particular nails the original characterization by Samuel L. Jackson). Beautiful actress Hendrix, a cult fave for her role as Lisa Looter in “Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion,” has a one shot scene as David’s perennially stoned wife, Audrey.
Salamoff has included a host of special features on his DVD, including bios, a still gallery, behind the scenes footage (where we see side by side comparisons of the two films), deleted scenes, a gag reel, and two commercials: one for “Unbreakable” action figures where David gets medieval on Elijah, and one for Salamoff’s next film, AL.I., the heartwarming story of a boxer who finds out he isn’t human.

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