In a comeback to film, writer/director Alex Rebar (star of The Incredible Melting Man and also screenwriter of two forgettable shockers “Demented” and “Too All a Good Night “) brings forth a relatively unknown series of short films which explore the nature of three roommates who all have very unusual days which they could call normal. The first film in the series basically sets up the three girls and their vices. Jenny (Cassandra Townsend) is the sex-pert who cannot get enough of it, Vera (Stacy Fields) is the dominatrix who reduces her client’s self-esteem level ten fold and Lorna (T.J. Myers) is the avenger of victims of sex crimes by murdering any man who is guilty of such acts. The only normal time in their day is when they all convene at the kitchen table but it gets weirder as the day goes on. The first entry is brief and moves faster than 20/20 vision can catch all in one showing. The dialogue is also brief but all the right lines are said in order for the film to be succinct with some flashy direction and editing. Relatively new talent Stacy Fields shines in her role and exhibits a true charm in her delectable performance. I expect big things from her in the future. A charming little piece however I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a clever short film, interesting is the best word to describe this one. Rebar can maintain viewers’ interest in this film only with the hope that Episode Two will be better.

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