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By Admin | June 21, 2009

On a road trip to a Chilean national park to do a little jet skiing, Carla tells her husband that she just had an abortion. Instead of grabbin’ some brewskis and partying down all weekend like most other guys would do, hubby starts crying – hurt that his wife not only got the abortion, but that she didn’t consult him about it first. Long story short, he ditches her out in the middle of nowhere because he is disgusted by her actions. Hardly phased by this rash turn of events, Carla decides to carry on with her vacation. On her way to the national park, she buddies up with a young Norwegian med student and they both spend time the weekend together -enjoying the sites, hanging out with the locals and fellow campers and even brewing up a little sexual tension.

“Turistas” is a quiet, and at times charming, little movie filled with plenty of pretty touristy sites and mildly quirky characters. It’s an enjoyable experience, but if you frequent festivals and arthouse cinemas it’s something you’ve seen countless other times. This is a movie that fits perfectly in a film festival’s mid-day time slot…it’s light and breezy like a Sunday afternoon.

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