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By Film Threat Staff | July 16, 2002

Filmmaker Pat “Flick” Harrison is having a ten-year retrospective on July 25th at the Blinding Light in Vancouver, BC at 36 Powell St.

Starting out as a videographer on CBC’s “Road Movies”, the only series ever made entirely on Hi8 and seen by over 2 million people, Flick has since moved on as a more radical, politically charged filmmaker. Featured in this retrospective will be three world premieres and two sneak previews.

Featured in the show will be:

“This is Not a War” – a segment of Flick’s documentary “Camels Turbans Guns,” about strategic Baluchistan and the oil-inspired Afghan war.

“Spot the War” – wanders a Vancouver neighbourhood for evidence that Canadian soldiers were on March 14, 2002, making their first kills since the Korean war.

“The Victory Party” – newly minted for this screening, the film is about an artist (Stephen Wittek) who crucifies a failed revolutionary leader (Jeffrey Flieler) for the Victory celebration of evil dictator Maloney (Catherine Falkner).

Sneak Preview of “Longshot” – Flick’s recently completed feature.

Check out the Armed Rabble Communications website for more information.

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