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By Eric Campos | March 21, 2005

I’m not married, never have been, nor have I ever entertained the thought, but I’ve been through so many weddings that I feel like I’m a pro. What’s interesting about every wedding that I’ve attended is that crazed behavior of the bride and groom to be. It’s not normal crazy behavior; it’s weird crazy behavior. If you don’t have to be behind the scenes of a wedding, then keep it that way because otherwise you’re going to see these people act in ways that you’ve never witnessed. It’s like they’re possessed, or dazed and concussed from a major car accident. And that’s kinda where we’re at with “Trying the Not”, as the groom is frantically getting ready backstage while talking with his best man. That weird possessed behavior is in full effect here and the little conversation these two men have relate the fears everyone faces when they’re about to get hitched.

“Trying the Not” is a cool, honest little film that I think should actually be seen by those toying with the idea of marriage. Nothing wacky going on here, just a look at what it’s like and what feelings and options will arise.

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