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Break Free

By Alan Ng | September 3, 2021

NEW TO TUBI! In director Lilton Stewart III’s short film, Break Free, written by Andrew Creer and Alejandro Lopez, a young woman is torn when forced to make a life-altering decision. Maddy (Tanya Quenko) lives in a small town and works paycheck-to-paycheck at an even smaller diner. The work is exhausting, and the customers take advantage of her.

Opportunity strikes when Maddy’s younger brother, Arie (Alex Sorian Brown), was accepted into UCLA, and he wants his sister to go with him. The complication is Maddy’s loving boyfriend, Bo (Andrew Creer), who has no intention of leaving his hometown. So now Maddy has to choose between a new life or being with her true love.

“…has to choose between a new life or being with her true love.”

Break Free presents a 50/50 life proposition and considers the ramifications of both choices. Life in a small town seems like a dead-end prospect. But, can’t being with the love of your life overcome any and all obstacles? At the same time, starting fresh in life is undoubtedly an attractive option, though it is a gamble. And then there’s pain and heartache of the one left behind.

Break Free is a story about the hard choices we make for love. Admittedly, it’s a pretty straightforward tale to tell, and as such, I wish there were a little more complexity in the decision, making it an even more challenging choice. But, overall, Stewart III wonderfully captures the small-town aesthetic and the story’s drama.

Break Free (2020)

Directed: Lilton Stewart III

Written: Andrew Creer, Alejandro Lopez

Starring: Tanya Quenko, Andrew Creer, Alex Sorian Brown, etc.

Movie score: 6.5/10

Break Free Image

"…wonderfully captures the small-town aesthetic and the story's drama."

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