By Admin | October 1, 2004

Over 20 years ago, the great Judge Smails declared, “The world needs ditch diggers, too!” True words indeed, but that doesn’t mean those ditch diggers can’t have dreams of their own to feed off of, to keep them going and maybe one day use them as a foothold to climb out of that ditch to pursue their lives as they wish, perhaps landing them on the cover of Art World Monthly, or on a stage in front of a thousand screaming fans, or even jail. Those dreams can take you anywhere.
Sarah is one of those people, toiling away at a meaningless job with her destiny as an artist tugging at her skirt. She works at a law firm, striking artist deals and doodling whenever she gets a spare chance. It’s apparent that she’s miserable, but it’s not until she flashes back to her childhood, happily painting with her manic depressive mother, that we realize, as does she, that her life belongs on the other side of the desk.
A strong positive message is something we don’t see too often these days and the importance of the message here matches its whopping strength.

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