By Merle Bertrand | February 7, 2000

Gordo (Joshua Wade) remains an irrepressible dreamer, in spite of his current low-rent address inside a self-storage shed, who truly believes he’s about to hit it big with his band. The only problem is, the band broke up months ago and this poster child for irresponsibility finds himself broke and owing a loan shark-ish landlord about $2000. Not to fear, as the foolishly optimistic drummer pawns his skins and embarks on a series of increasingly foolhardy measures to raise the necessary cash. Wade’s charismatic and wildly enthusiastic performance IS this film. He’s exhausting, to be sure, but he fits this never-say-die ode to the power of positive thinking — or denial — perfectly. Somehow, even when the world caves in, Gordo effortlessly remains upbeat and lifts the viewer’s spirits in the process. By the end of Patrick Given’s oddly uplifting film, whether or not Gordo actually raises the money to save his skin somehow seems less important than whether his efforts to do so will destroy his one-of-a-kind personality.

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