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By Rachel Morgan | December 10, 2004

The “Troma Triple B-Header, Tainted Vampires Collection” DVD is the new installment in the triple-feature B-movie series. The disc features three independent, low budget, feature-length vampire films: “Tainted”, ”Sucker: The Vampire” and “Rockabilly Vampire”. Despite the same central motif and similarities in production value as well as budgets, the three movies featured on the new Triple B-Header DVD are actually fairly different films. Tainted is a dialog-driven narrative about a newly formed group of friends forced to resolve an unfortunate situation. Sucker: The Vampire is the story of how a vampire (Anthony), with the help of his necrophiliac assistant Reed, deals with life in the age of AIDS. Finally, Rockabilly Vampire: Burnin’ Love is a low quality film about an Elvis obsessed, unsuccessful author whose boyfriend is an insomniac vampire with a conscious.

While none of the films on the DVD are outstanding, two of the pictures (“Tainted” and “Sucker”) are well worth watching and “Rockabilly Vampire” is at least mildly entertaining; to quote Meatloaf, “Two out of three ain’t bad.” There aren’t many special features on the Tainted Vampires disc, just the usual introduction by Lloyd Kaufman, a couple of trailers (Citizen Toxie and Tales From the Crapper) and a brief chapter selection. However, the price is right; two decent vampire films and one halfway decent one for around $20.

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